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  • A Chance To Continue Education

    In order to reinforce Syrian refugee children and adolescents’ ability to overcome the suffering and lack of education endured by armed conflict, in 2014 the school building was constructed. In 2015 and 2016, Najda Now International (NNI) in cooperation with Said Foundation, supported by London Speaker Bureau (LSB), started running the school officially. From 2016, London Speaker Bureau became the main partner.

    The chances of Syrian refugee children joining Lebanese schools in the area are minimal due to the great distance and limited number of available places. The core goal of this project is to give these children a chance to continue their education.

    Syria's crisis is the world’s most acute humanitarian emergency of our time. We are playing a tiny role in mitigating this terrible disaster by enabling Hope School, a wonderful institution, led by our brilliant Head Teacher Lina. We are giving a basic education to over 260 children whose lives have been fractured through no fault of their own.

  • 260 Children

    This project provides a good education to over 260 Syrian refugee children and adolescents between the ages of five to thirteen every year. The project has also created a number of jobs, thus generating income and contributing to the educational and social self-sufficience of the Syrian refugee community.
    This school is established in the Bekaa Valley’s Dalhamieh locality, a poor area of Lebanon where there is a pressing need for aid. The school is comprised of two floors and currently includes nine classrooms (each with a screen and sound system), one library, one computer room, one administration room, one staff room and one rest room. In addition to the school building there is also a play area for the children, a kitchen and store room as well as three halls and a garden.

  • High Standards

    Educational support programs at the center include working with specialized teachers following Lebanese and British programs, to assist the children and adolescents in gaining a good standard of education in Arabic and English, as well as Mathematics, Sciences and IT.
    As the refugee children seldom come in to contact with books, many of the children have not had the opportunity to develop their reading skills. The library helps the pupils develop reading skills and encourages them to become acquainted with the different materials available in the library.

  • IT

    Information Technology has been introduced as a standard subject in almost all schools globally. It is therefore a must that the school’s students develop the basic skills necessary to make use of standard computer programs. Providing this opportunity to Syrian refugee children - most of whom have not had the chance to obtain even basic computer training - will give them a new source of inspiration and improve their chances of a better future.

  • Activities

    As well as providing a library and computer lab, the school also holds various recreational and outdoor activities to benefit the children, such as painting, free style writing, music, singing, drawing, etc.
    There are social workers who are responsible for monitoring and following up with pupils who are referred by the principal for guidance and counselling, especially those suffering from negative psychological side-effects as a result of the Syrian conflict.


Education Support

Carpentry Project

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Mental Care Project

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