Who We Are

The Syrian Humanitarian Relief and Development Najda Now International (NNI) was founded in 2011 as an foundation of public service, which carries a message to relief those affected by crises and disasters, howsoever caused, specifically in the current situation of the Syrian communities. The disastrous consequences will carry on even after complete cease-fire, on levels of the individual, of families and consequentially, on levels of social structures, which will descend into disharmony – for a time that cannot be predicted, or avoided.

Najda Now’s work based on a sustainable development plan, which means that beneficiaries can become self-reliant, rather than depending on our foundation or any other NGO. In addition, the foundation focuses on education, eradicating illiteracy, and vocational training; it is also concerned about child protection, care. To implement this strategy the foundation welcomes any assistance from local and international organizations.



Our Ethics

The Syrian humanitarian relief and development foundation NNI works on providing assistance to the affected of armed conflicts and war, without discrimination of race, religion or political belief or ideological convictions. The NNI team works with complete neutrality and impartiality, while upholding noble human morality. We commit extending a helping hand and we demand the necessary space to work unhindered in the exercise of our functions anywhere.

Members of the organization undertake to respect professional ethics and maintain complete independence from all political, economic, or religious forces. The members of the NNI foundation and its volunteers are fully aware of the risks to which they may be exposed to during the implementation of their duties. They pledge not to ask for themselves any material or moral features beyond those forms of compensation that may be offered by the NNI foundation, when the foundation is able to afford it.